Sep 05, 2019Hillsboro_RobP rated this title 4.5 out of 5 stars
Very dark and memorable. The Sandman is at the cornerstone of comics for a good reason-it's a story well told that defies many of the usual conventions and yet still manages to be compelling. As firmly rooted in myth as most of Gaiman's work, this often spins of the absurd to the grotesque, the frightening to the fun and is better for it. Some of my quibbles include readability-it's sometimes hard to tell which panel I'm supposed to be reading, or what order the dialogue is in-and unclear resolutions that are clever enough, but usually have to be explained in the text afterward. Its brightest spots are the predictably disastrous results of mankind's hubris and the occasional kind moment that Dream provides. Does anyone else read Dream's voice as Neil Gaiman's? I mean, they do look suspiciously similar.